Friday, 3 February 2012

Free $5 voucher from DAZ 3d!

As part of their special promotion offering Bryce DAZ Studio and Hexagon for free DAZ 3d are giving away $5 vouchers to spend at their store, so you can grab some content for your new/upgraded software! The announcement with the code is in the forums, but please note the code given in the original post doesn't work, a replacement code is given on this page of the thread by DAZ_BHowell:

DAZ $5 voucher

 If you are a platinum  club member there is a sale of Gothic themed products on too, and vouchers can be used on many items. There are some great bargins to be had!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bryce 7 Pro free for a limited period!!

Yes folks, if you haven't heard yet DAZ 3d is making Bryce Pro 7 free for a limited period! This means if you only have the standard edition you can now get the Pro version and have access to a bunch of features such as 4 new lights, additional IBL features and Instancing.

 DAZ is also making DAZ Studio 4 Pro and Hexagon 2.5 free too. The savings on getting all 3 products is amazing.  The offer is only available until 29th February so hurry on over to DAZ3d and get your copy! (link below)

DAZ 3d Free software offer