What is this site about?
As a lover of Bryce (the 3d rendering and landscape program) I've set up this little blog to chat about it and provide a few useful links.

I've been using Bryce for a few years now in my spare time. It's my app of choice over some of the others out there because it's
a) a darn site cheaper than other apps out there
b) easy to learn
c) does what I need to produce the art that I want

I have tried other apps like C4d and Poser but the learning curve is quite steep, and they do far more than I really need.  Bryce serves my rendering and scene creation needs, and it's still being developed by DAZ with some great new features ( see the beta news here:  http://forum.daz3d.com/viewtopic.php?t=130693&sid=72125e42cb381272b74de3382d3bb1d0 )

I'll add to these pages over time, and if you have any suggestions or would like to contribute please drop me a line via the Contact page.

What is Bryce?
Bryce is a 3d modelling, rendering and animation program. It doesn't have the modelling capabilities of software like Cinema 3d where you can create models using polygons, but you can make models using primitives and boolean operations. To some this might seem rather limited, but there are artists out there creating the most fantastic,detailed professional models which you would not guess were made with Bryce.

Bryce  may seem to some not as capable as some of the high end apps, and I think this is a misconception. I have seen some fantasic images produced using Bryce, which are on a par with those produced by other programs. As with anything anything, it takes skill and practice to produce great output from any program, but the point is, you can do great things with Bryce without maxing out your credit card!