Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bryce documentation

There is some useful documentation for Bryce available on the web, so I've added some new links in the resources sections for these. Many of them were written for versions prior to 7, but most of the Bryce features have remained unchanged, so they are still very useful. There's also some books out there too, the most famous being Susan Kitchener's Real World Bryce 4 which I was fortunate enough to get a copy of this year. It is the Bryce bible!

One can't be sure how long some of the older documentation will be available on line, so I'd grab them now whilst they are still around!

Bryce 7 Manual - PDF of the official guide from DAZ3d
Shortcut keys colour set A - A PDF of all Bryce keyboard shortcuts. A great compilation, although one or two shortcuts may no longer work in Bryce 7.
Shortcut keys colour set B - Same content as colour set A, just in different layout colours.

Bryce 6 manual in German - I personally favour the Bryce 6 manual over Bryce 7 as it includes sections on metaballs. Here's the German version.The English version doesn't seem to be available on the web anymore - if anyone can host it send me the link and I'll post it here.
Bryce 5 manual - PDF version by DAZ3d
Bryce 4 manual - now we're really going back in time! PDF manual by MetaCreations. I had to add this for sentimentality purposes. Does anyone actually still have Bryce 4?

Real World Bryce 4 by Susan Kitchener - It may have been written for Bryce 4 but the majority of the content still applies today and is fantastic. It's the most comprehensive work regarding Bryce. If you can find a copy snap it up! You won't regret it! Some copies are available here on Amazon (new and used).

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